Storyboard For Coca Cola Advertisement

For the story board of coca cola campaign related to earth quake, the idea which is being selected is to show the victims areas of Pakistan and the miserable people. This will cause the emotional feelings and people will think that coca cola is doing better for the miserable people. The reason behind the selection of this approach is that the emotional approach will have more effects than of any other rational approach.

In this the core idea is to create the positive corporate image about  company in the mind of the customers that Coca Cola is working for the help of earth quake victims of northern areas of Pakistan as well as of Peshawar zone. This means that coca Cola is not here in Pakistan for earning profit but also play its effective role in the development of Pakistan.

The main theme behind this idea is to “Come and join hands with coca cola to rise again”.

Tamam rastay or pull tot gaey
Qudrat nay sab kuch nechay gira dia
Bachaao ka koi rasta na rha

Bohat se b zyada log apni janen gawa bethey
Jo bach gaey un k pas kuch na raha
Chehray he tamam kahani bta rhay hai
Koi b rasta na rha
Koi sahara na rha
Kuch bohat akelay reh gaey
Or umeden b hatam ho gaen
Kuch itny masoom k unhen kuch pta he nai
Kuch is qadar takleef me thay k wo ro b nai skay
Bohat se hath madad k liay uthen hai

Zindage rukni nai chaheay
Ham dobara jena hai

 “Coca Cola k is safar me us ka hamsafar banen, “ dobara jenay k liay””

Situation/ Background
In the very first scene there will be a written” A 30 second public message”. Then there re will be a scene of Muzaffarabad’s beauty with very soft music. In the next scene there will be damaged roads and buildings with the soft voice over.  
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