The Creative Brief Coca Cola

It is a form of document that describes a creative strategy and the key execution details of the marketing and advertising strategy. It includes problem to be solved, advertising objectives, creative strategy, target market, desired behavior positioning strategy and execution of advertisement.


Coca-Cola, the product that has given the world its best-known taste was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 8, 1886. Coca-Cola came to Pakistan in 1953. Initially it was a different structure, now it is an altogether new structure. In the start we had franchise bottling system in Pakistan. In 1996 the company decided to come to Pakistan and take over the bottling system. The process is now complete. All the plants are now owned and operated by the Coca-Cola Company in Pakistan, by the name of Coca-Cola Beverage Pakistan Limited.

The Coca-Cola System in Pakistan serves over 2 lack customers/retail outlets. The Coca-Cola System in Pakistan employs 2500 people working continuously for the company. During the last two years, The Coca-Cola Company in Pakistan has invested over $145 million (U.S) and coke has successfully provided 54 years of dedicated service to its customers in Pakistan.

Problem to be solved

There are a lot of problems that coke is facing presently. But the main problem faced by it is having less market share in Pakistan as compared to Pepsi one of its big competitors. To address this problem, Coca-Cola will be using a differentiation strategy in order to attract new customers and retain old ones. The main thing which Coke will keep in mind is that it will use soft-sell approach in order to create a psychological appeal in the minds of the customers.

Advertising Objectives

The objectives of the advertisement of Coca-Cola are not only increasing market share in Pakistan but rather building long-term relationship with customers through the use of emotional strategy. Another objective includes increasing demand of coke by increasing its liking among people.

Creative Strategy

The advertisement had shown that coke is having a great concern for people who are being affected by earthquake and it is working for the social welfare of the country. People of Pakistan can play their role in helping the people being affected by earthquake by purchasing coke. This is a creative approach towards selling the coke by capturing a lot of market.

Target Market

The target market chosen by coke through this advertisement is the entire nation, especially young generation. The main reason for it is that the young generation if becomes a regular user of coke, it can serve their life-time value to the company.

Desired Behavior

Coke expects from its customers and target market to purchase it more than its competitors brands. It is motivating its customers through usage of soft-sell approach.

Positioning Strategy

There is a minor difference in the taste of coke and its competitor’s brands and all of them are used for the same need of removing the thirst of people, so coke is trying to differentiate itself by linking an event of earthquake in which it shows a great regard for suffering people. It is trying to capture market on the basis of creating emotional appeal for its products in the minds and hearts of it customers.


The execution of the advertisement shows the way it is being presented. This advertisement is using a friendly tone to address with its customers. It reflects their emotions and attitude towards target market in order to create an evoked set by positioning itself on the highest place in the minds of its customers.

Copy Platform

Print copy: Headline is considered a key element in print advertising. The print copy includes direct headlines and indirect headlines.

Direct headline: In direct headlines coke is saying “Join hands with Coca-Cola to rise again”

Indirect Headline: Indirect headline of coke says” Support life, by drinking Coca-Cola”.

Body Copy: It is the text of the ad and its primary role is to maintain the interest of the reader. Coke is using a different way to address with target market which is given below:
“Life is not the end.

Have you ever witnessed people?
Struggling for their life during a natural disaster,
In which the earth moved as never before,
Bridges were torned, Roads were ripped apart,
Mother Nature brought down everything causing many people to die,
Many survived but just barely, faces were enough to tell the story, leaving no where to go,
No shoulders to lean against, even clouds looking distant and hopes being dashed,
Some were too innocent to know, too alone to share anything, too pained to cry,
There were endless hands raised for demanding help from your side?
(If you have seen them, drink the Coke)
Most drinks are made to sell you beverages that quest your thirst only,
But this brand will satisfy the thirst of your soul, so “Join Hands with Coca-Cola to rise again”.

T.V Copy: Video, Audio, Music, Sound Effects

For the earthquake victims, a video is made in which different pictures are shown to the audience in order to tell them a different scenario in which people that are being affected by the earthquake are shown giving a message to the target market, like youngsters, businessmen and the user of Coca-Cola. This ad will be of short duration in which sound and music effects being used are sad in order to create an emotional impact on audience according to the situation of the earthquake just in few minutes.
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