NEstle BCG Matrix


The stars are the high relative market share and high market growth. Nestle beverages i.e. are somewhat the stars in their business, because with the high quality and new designs which comes every now and then makes them more popular among the customers, because customer with upper class wants the quality and nestle offers the best quality food items.

Cash Cows

The cash cows are their baby food items i.e. nestle cerelace and other baby food products. Company has to take measures to make these products as stars.


The pharmaceutical products are nestle Dog, because it has low-share business with low growth market especially when we talk about Pakistani market. The company has to think on what it can do by improving the low share and growth market.

Question Marks

The question marks are the breakfast cereals. They have high market growth but low market share.  The company has to decide about which question mark they should try to build into the stars and which one of these should be phased out.

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  1. Can u evaluate the BCG Matrix of Tupperware?


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