Difference between Coke and Pepsi

  • Coke is having difference in taste than Pepsi due to having difference in ingredients.
  • Coke has maintained global leadership in soft drink industry whereas Pepsi has gained success in both snack foods and beverages industry.
  • Coke is trying to focus on worldwide expansion of the cola market. While Pepsi must divide its focus between managing soft drinks lines and snack food lines.
  • Coke must try to focus on its relationships with bottling subsidiaries as compared to Pepsi in order to keep itself out of legal and territorial problems.
  • Pepsi is having strong brand equity in Pakistan as compared to Coke. While Coke is having strong market share and world wide identity being a leader in market.
  • Organizational structure for international sales of cola products may not be as strong as Coca-Cola’s.
  • Both the brands are facing both political and economic instability in many developing regions of the world.
  • Coke is facing a major challenge in developing countries that their regional bottlers may not have the financial resources to continue expansion.
  • Both the brands are trying to create world-wide economic development and population growth to sustain sales and profits
  • Both are facing competition from other national, regional, and global soft drink Companies.
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