Media Planning for Advertisement

SELECTING MEDIA. The target consumer, the product or service being advertised, and cost are the three main factors that dictate what media vehicles are selected. Additional factors may include overall business objectives, desired geographic coverage, and availability of media options.

Basis of Selecting HUM TV

  • Dramas are favorite in rural and urban areas of Pakistan so our message may reach to potential customers
  • HUM TV have good market share

Basis of Selecting Cartoon Network

  • Cartoons are favorite of children who have influence on purchasing patterns on their elders
  • 10% of adults also watch Cartoon for mental relaxation
  • It has good history with Pakistan
  • One of our internal research suggested that Cartoon Network in one and only Channel which most of school students watch and they never miss their favorite cartoons, including TOM & JERRY, BEN10, Spider Man animated series, Justice League, BAT & SUPER MAN

Basis of Selecting Geo News

  • Geo has advantage of being 1st News channel in history of Pakistan
  • Having 70-80% of market share
  • Most viewed channel specially for news
  • Having Wide Coverage
  • Maximum message reach to audiences

Basis of Selecting Newspaper

The media being selected is newspaper. The advertisement will be using this medium because newspapers are published on daily basis due to which it is an economical way to give ad on it. The first campaign basically will focus on use of soft-sell approach by emotionally attracting the target audience. Second campaign will focus on fun and enjoyment element. The ads will be given in leading newspapers like DAWN, Jang, Express, and Nawa-e-Waqt which are selected on the basis of their frequency and reach. These types of newspapers are also widely distributed in Pakistan as well as have wide viewer ship so; it will prove to be more effective.
  • Jang is Pakistan's largest national daily. It is published in Urdu from Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta and London. It has a circulation of over 800,000 copies per day and a readership of over 7 million

  • The DAWN newspaper - is the flagship publication of the PHPL. Published from Karachi, the largest business hub of the country, Lahore, the second largest and the most fast developing business sector of Pakistan, and Islamabad, the capital of the nation. Throughout Pakistan, the DAWN is the most widely circulated English language newspaper of Pakistan, enjoying a nation-wide influence. It has a week-day circulation of over 138,000 and a total readership base in excess of 759,000. Read every morning by policy and decision-makers in the public and private sectors, at federal and provincial government level and by the majority of Pakistan's English reading newspaper, the newspaper from its inception, DAWN has been at the forefront of the many events that constitute Pakistan's history. For almost half a century, DAWN with its unwavering commitment, has created professional standards and built institutions necessary to the growth of a free national press and therefore has emerged as the most authoritative newspaper respected for its uncompromising, accuracy and impartial track record.
  • Express is one from the favorite news paper in Pakistan, with good market share and strong readership.

Basis of Selecting Radio

  • FM 90 is with very good market share because of playing so much songs and less advertisements, people love to listen soft music songs (its human psychology that people who love soft music have soft heart which can be attracted easily)
  • While Driving people listen FM
  • During Exercise FM is good motivator
  • In mobile there is FM, most 90% of people who have FM facility in there cell phone listen FM during there free time or when there are bored
  • We can attract people through this medium because via TV our message may not be delivered to every target audiences

Basis of Selecting Bill Boards

Much of our Target audience may not have time for TV or FM, so it’s good to display our Advertisement on billboards on roads that is visible to everyone including our selected market

Basis of Selecting Small Boards on roads

Where as it is cheaper and more in qty
It may be adjusted easily on signals, parking areas, shopping malls, and where ever we want
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