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IMC Strategies and Plans

By taking into consideration all the key elements involved in the Developing of an IMC campaign strategy such as, deciding on the mix and level of different IMC ingredients as advertising, sales promotion, publicity and direct marketing.

In IMC Plan there are three campaigns which would be carried for the whole year by Coca-Cola. The IMC strategy for Coca-Cola would depend on the nature of market and focus on the social responsibility or societal marketing. Secondly, it will focus on the fun and entertainment perspective in order to motivate youngsters to purchase Coca-Cola and generate more sales. Whole IMC will be developed to communicate the message to the target audience to raise funds to help the earth quake victims and to attract their attention and alter their decision on the basis of its taste and quality. Following are the details of the whole IMC for Coca-Cola.

Element of IMC mix

This depends upon not only on the nature of the product and also on the objectives. In IMC mix there are three different types of media that will be used like “TV advertising” and “Print advertisement”, and “banners advertisement”. The various elements that are included in the IMC mix must work together to deliver a consistent and persuasive message to the target audience.

IMC Activities for Each Target Segments

In IMC the target market of Coca-Cola is the whole nation especially teenagers, families and all those people who consume Coca-Cola. So by using different types of media we will give a message to our target customer that we are here to help the victims of earth quake.

Objectives of Each IMC Activity

  • In order to reach the maximum target customers, newspapers are best media suited for reaching to very large audiences. It is a cost effective way and it has more frequency of distribution. The newspapers being selected for this purpose are Nawa-e-Waqt, Jung, Dawn and Express. All the campaigns ads will be given on these newspapers whole year.
  •  Another media being selected for giving ads of Coca-Cola is using television as a medium because young generation watches television very much. It also reaches mass media, and it does so during a short period of time. So every one can be reached in the very short time period by using the television media. It also covers a large number of people and delivers a good message to the customers more effectively.
  • The channels being selected to give ad on television are Geo News, Express News, ARY Digital and PTV Home. These channels are watched a lot in Pakistan and Geo comes on the first rank on the basis of its viewer ship around the globe. Similarly Express News channel is watched with keen interest by the viewers being authentic source of providing information.
  • Since there are many television stations and channels in Pakistan, so by using television media all the diverse people can be addressed at the same time to give them emotional message about the Coca-Cola campaign.
  • Television media also have the ability to convey your message with sight, sound and motion, to their targeted customers. And get the desire result by using such type of media.
  • You can easily reach targeted audiences. Children can be reached during cartoon programming, housewives during the afternoon soap operas, and insomniacs after midnight.
  • Similarly, another medium being selected for giving advertisement of Coca-Cola are billboards. The reason of giving ad on billboards is that they are considered to have high impact on the people passing through the highways and roads.
  • Billboards create more exposure towards the ad leaving an impact on the people. They are hard to ignore and are use for the purpose of creating reminder in the minds of the people about Coca-Cola existence.
  • The advertisement given on billboards is also having a long-life with least expensive as many people are exposed towards the message when they pass from that particular place and path.

Objectives of Communication Mix Tools

Create Awareness: This objective deals with creating awareness among people about Coca-Cola. In the first campaign Coca-Cola is associating itself with society welfare. It means that it had used a creative theme of making an emotional appeal, by attracting people to drink coke in order to help the people who are being affected by earthquake in Pakistan. While, in the rest of campaigns it is focusing on fun and entertainment. This shows that how to attract the young generation towards purchase of Coca-Cola.

Brand Image: The main focus of this campaign is to create an excellent image in the minds of the people through working for the welfare of the society. Secondly, the campaigns going to be carried out in the remaining year will focus on creating a brand image by symbolizing it as a source of life through fun and entertainment message. 

Fund Raising: There is a two fold benefits of this campaign. Besides increasing sales of the company, it will also create a good image in the minds of the customers.  The objective of the company is to get the maximum fund from the people for the victims of the earthquake by selling their coke.

Reach the Target Audience: By using all the media’s, they want to reach the maximum people to communicate their message to the target audience.
Building Company Image: Through using this media they want to build a good image of the company in the mind of the customers. The campaigns are also good way to create a good image in the mind of the customer.

Helping the Poor: The first campaign is being carried out in order to help the victims of the earthquake and provide them full support.

Media Objectives

Earthquake Campaign

Listen: When people listen about the Coca-Cola campaign they will motivate toward the help of earth quake victims people. 

Speak: This campaign also connect the people with Coca-Cola and give them a chance to speak.

Energize: The purpose of this campaign is also to boost the sale of Coca-Cola by using this media.

Support: The purpose of this campaign is also to motivate the people to support and helped them on this time of crises.

Embrace: On the time of cries, Coca-Cola is also showing concern by being with all of those victims and helping them on this time.

Fun and Entertainment Campaign

Listen: Besides the campaign of earth quake, when people would listen about the Coca-Cola campaign of addressing the youth according to their preference and style of life like daring life and drinking it in winter also due to its strong taste as compared to its competitors they will be motivated towards the purchase of Coca-Cola. 

Speak: This campaign also connect the people with Coca-Cola and give them a chance to speak.
Energize: The purpose of this campaign is also to add an element of fun and entertainment and how to live life bravely and energetically by motivating people which in return will increase the sales of Coca-Cola by using different mediums.

Support: The purpose of this campaign is also to motivate the people that what can make their lives full of pleasures and happiness by addressing their youth nature and showing care and support for them.

Embrace: Coca-Cola is trying to show its care for the youngsters and the target market by showing them that what is the meaning of life and how they can add pleasure to their happiness.

Detailed Execution Plan for Each IMC Activity

Advertisement on Television:
In the first campaign, the concept of “Join Hands with Coca-Cola to Rise again” is being used in order to show their great concern for the people suffering from earth quake. It signals that Coca-Cola is working for the social welfare of the society through use of this creative idea of associating its brand with life rebuilding. In the rest of campaigns, the concept of “The Life of Coca-Cola is full of fun and entertainment” deals with the fact of relating life to Coca-Cola in the form of adding colors to it through its strong taste. Similarly it is associating itself with the element of enjoyment and delight. Basically all this advertisement will be conducted by using television as a medium of supporting the whole IMC Campaign and activities. On the successful completion of this IMC objective, similar activities will be carried out after a short period of time. It will be seen by the company that how much this advertisement had affected the people by motivating them to drink Coca-Cola and increasing market share of the company. According to that scenario and the budget available to the company, the channels, the spots and the frequency of showing the advertisement on television will be chosen.

For running an advertisement of Coca-Cola one time on television, the duration, number of channels, colors, and details is seen. The ad will be shown on 4 channels which are having a lot of viewer ship including Geo News, ARY Digital, PTV home, and Express News. The ads will be shown all around Pakistan for duration of about 30 seconds. The corporate color of Coke is red which attracts and motivate youngsters to drink Coke.

Advertisement using Print Media

The media being selected is newspaper. The advertisement will be using this medium because newspapers are published on daily basis due to which it is an economical way to give ad on it. The first campaign basically will focus on use of soft-sell approach by emotionally attracting the target audience. Second campaign will focus on fun and enjoyment element. The ads will be given in leading newspapers like DAWN, Jang, Express, and Nawa-e-Waqt which are selected on the basis of their frequency and reach. These types of newspapers are also widely distributed in Pakistan as well as have wide viewer ship so; it will prove to be more effective
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