Monday, November 16, 2009



1. Aggressive Administration

Upper administration of Chenab bound is awful able and accomplished in

The acreage of business

2. Bargain Amount

Expansion in assorted apparatus aftereffect in bargain cost.

3. Latest Technology

Company is able with latest accouterment for weaving, Dying, Design etc.

4. Wide Artefact ambit

Chenab Bound is alms a array of artefact in fabricated ups, Garments, Kids collection, Kitchen accessories and abounding added artefact lines, which accomplish it characteristic from its competitors.

5. Adequate Financial Recourses

Due to acceptable blemish and boundless advance Chenab can get Finance from Financial institutes or investors to accommodated the requirement.

6. Acceptable Aggressive Abilities

Chenab has acceptable aggressive abilities they apperceive how to attempt in the Aggressive markets like U.S.A., Asia and the Middle East.

7. An Acknowledged Bazaar Leader

It accommodate acceptable alive ambiance to its advisers so they plan finer

8. Artefact Addition Adeptness

Chenab has ability, accomplishment and technology for the artefact innovation.

9. Well-Convinced Anatomic Area Strategies

Chenab has adopted best strategies in anatomic areas that are why it is acknowledged a part of its competitors.


1. Anemic bazaar angel

Although Chenab is able-bodied accustomed and growing close but it has anemic bazaar angel because it fails to present its activities to the chump auspiciously

2. Abridgement of Motivation in Advisers

Workers abnormally lower akin workers are not annoyed or motivated because they are not accomplished to accommodated with alteration requirements of their work. Abridgement of rewards is aswell one of the affidavit of dissatisfaction.

3. Pledge with Internal operating Problems

4. Chenab Bound is apprenticed with assorted Internal Problems such as abridgement of advice a part of altered departments, Abridgement of administration abilities in employees, plan amount etc.

Falling abaft in R&D

Chenab bound is blank the charge of a able analysis and development department.

5. Poor Track Record in Implementing Strategy

Chenab is adverse a abridgement of abilities all-important for implementing strategies so it fails to accomplish its objectives truly.

6. Adverse Marketing Abilities

Marketing humans don't accept abundant abilities to attempt in bazaar and to present their artefact to the chump in an able way.


1. Added Artefact Line

It has befalling to action new articles to awning added ambit of bazaar of bazaar segmentation.

2. Vertical Affiliation

Chenab has abeyant to access its suppliers through vertical integration.

3. Faster Bazaar Advance

Company can accomplish faster bazaar advance by accretion its operations, abbreviation amount and maximizing profits.

4. Entry in New Markets or Segments

Chenab has befalling to access in new markets

5. Adeptness to move in bigger Strategic Group


1. Adverse Government Behavior

Government behavior can be a hurdle in the operations of the aggregation

2. Adverse Demographic Change

Political ecology bazaar trends, economical and added demographical changes can become a blackmail for Chenab Bound

3. Growing Aggressive burden

Competition is growing day by day and this growing antagonism due to globalization has became a blackmail for companies.

4. Likely Entry of new competitors

New competitors are entering in the bazaar and arresting the allotment of absolute companies, this is a big blackmail for companies to survive

5. Ascent sales of acting articles

A above blackmail faced by Chenab bound is the ascent sales of acting goods. Antagonism in bolt industry is actual austere so it is all-important for Chenab bound to position itself in today's aggressive market.

6. Alteration Customers needs

Customer needs are alteration day by day and its actual all-important for the firms to accede with their charge to abide in the market. 1. Vulnerability to Recession & Business Cycle

Recession aeon for firms is a big threat. It is the aeon if firms went into accident so firms should accept strategies to abstain these threats and catechumen them into opportunities.