Why Should Industries Hire Fresh Graduates?

Steve Jobs has rightly stated that ‘Hiring the best is your most important task’. But, is it always possible to hire the best-experienced individuals? Also, will it bring the best outcome for the cost to industries? This assurance cannot be given. But, one thing industries can make sure is that they can get the best with affordability when they hire fresh graduates.

Fresh graduates have an open mind

In the case of experienced hires, they generally come with certain expectations. On the other hand, fresh graduates look for their first job with all enthusiasm. There is nothing other than enthusiasm and they are at the stage to prove themselves. So, they will give their best.

Some of the reasons why industries should hire fresh graduates

Chance to train and nurture talents

Fresh graduates can be compared to that of ‘blank paper’. The reason is that they do not have any perspectives as they are new to the industry. They are not aware of the ideal workplace culture. So, they can be rightly trained and nurtured to bring the best out of them. In other words, they can be tailored to the industry’s need.

Fresh perspectives and new innovative ideas

Fresh graduates are always keen to understand the method in which things are done. They are not afraid to ask why this should be done in this way. This will help the industry to analyze the old methods of production. With the fresh educational knowledge, fresh graduates can bring fresh ideas for any industry.


In addition, when industries choose fresh graduates, the cost will be much lesser as compared to experienced people. Industries have very good reasons like no experience, industrial knowledge, and skill set for low pay. But, industries should not offer very low pays as it can lower the employee morale. This, in turn, can have an impact on his/her performance and productivity.

No industrial experience does not mean any experience at all

It is true that fresh graduates have not worked for years together in industries. But, nowadays, most of the institutions provide employment training to their students. In addition, they also get the chance to do their projects and internships in industries. Some of them even do part-time works when they are at their colleges. These activities might have brought them the required industrial experience.

Better commitment

In fact, fresh graduates can turn out to be precious assets to any organization. Research done in MBA colleges in Mumbai supports hiring Fresh ones. As compared to experienced people, who follow inflexible approaches to getting the jobs completed, fresh graduates are highly committed. As they do not have any personal commitments like spouse and children, they are always ready to work for hours together for their employer. A highly committed work-group can truly be an asset to any organization.

Conclusion for Hiring Fresh Graduates

It is true that for any organization, it would be tempting to hire experienced people to fill up job vacancies. But, giving an opportunity to a fresh graduate and investing on his/her continued growth will turn out to be an excellent long-term decision. Fresh graduates will contribute a lot to the organization as it will contribute to their personal development as well.
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