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Monday, June 14, 2010

Threats of Coca Cola

In beverage industry the competition very high so, to remain on the top position the company need lot of finance as well as lot of organizational changes. Coca Cola have not only competitors like Pepsi, Nestle and others also giving tough time.
Removal of Barriers
Globalization removes the barriers so it also attracts the new comer companies for having the same business. Due this the many little companies enter into the market and decrease the market share as well as the sale of the product.
Cultural Differences
For a company the most common threat is the cultural differences because every nation or every geographic boundary has different culture. Same threat faced by Coca Cola Company. Because they have wide network so face this problem as well.
Local Companies
The local companies also are the major threat to Coca Cola company like in Pakistan the Madni Cola, Noras , Amrat Cola etc are the threats for the company. Though the sale not affected at larger level but this have some impact as well.


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