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Monday, June 14, 2010

Target Market of Coca Cola

Coca Cola takes every customer as target and potential customer who is thirsty. All age groups are being target but the most potential is the age group from 18-25 that covers around 40% of total age segments
The target market for the Coca Cola is based on age. The target audience of Coca Cola is youngster or youth. It is a wide range for targeting. It ranges from the age of 15-25 and also reaches to 40 plus, as they are serving this age group also. Their targeting not based on gender but the results also show that both genders like this product and use it. 
Surprisingly Coca Cola segments Pakistani Market with a percentage ratio of 58% females and 42% male.
Life style; busy life style (face shortage of time) and mobile generation
Family; dependent on their family
Occupation; students and family oriented people
Nature; fun loving and entertainment loving
Socio economic status; upper lower class and lower class

Customer’s Media Habits
There are some habits which are given as follows’
·         The target audience of the coca Cola brand is loved to have exposure to media.
·         They are the mobile generation and spend lot of time on MMS and SMS chatting.
·         They spend most of the time on enjoying music.
·         They spend their home time on watching TVs.
They like innovations in TV ads. Etc.


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