Objectives of Organizational Development:

As objectives of organizational development are framed keeping in view specific situations, they vary from one situation to another. In other words, these programs are tailored to meet the requirements of a particular situation. But broadly speaking, all organizational development programs try to achieve the following objectives:
• Making individuals in the organization aware of the vision of the organization. Organizational development helps in making employees align with the vision of the organization.
• Encouraging employees to solve problems instead of avoiding them.
• Strengthening inter-personnel trust, cooperation, and communication for the successful achievement of organizational goals.
• Encourage every individual to participate in the process of planning, thus making them feel responsible for the implementation of the plan.
• Creating a work atmosphere in which employees are encouraged to work and participate enthusiastically.
• Replacing formal lines of authority with personal knowledge and skill.
• Creating an environment of trust so that employees willingly accept change.
According to organizational development thinking, organization development provides managers with a vehicle for introducing change systematically by applying a broad selection of management techniques. This, in turn, leads to greater personal, group, and organizational effectiveness.
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