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Sunday, April 18, 2010

History of Ufone

In 1990, Pakistan introduced its first mobile phone service called “Paktel”. After eleven years in January 2001, a new cellular company with GSM technology came into the market and they named it Ufone. The government of Pakistan granted them the license of Pak Telecom mobile limited to operate GSM 9000 all Around Pakistan. Ufone succeeded to establish itself in the market by providing quality service at low rates. After it’s opening, initially they started their service in major cities like Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore and on major highways. Later the service expanded to other major cities like Peshawar, Quetta and different towns. Ufone invested around $ 65 million to setup its modern technical infrastructure to provide high quality crystal clear voice and fast data transmission. Ufone targeted the middle class, by introducing low rates and different packages with Urdu names like Jazba etc to attracted lower and middle class people. Ufone has expanded its customer support in a very organized manner with a planned network of dealers, outlets for people convenient. Ufone is committed to care for its customers even after they have acquired a new connection. Ufone not only focused on the technical capabilities, but to provide subscribers a convenient to get connections and services. Ufone recently started GPRS through which users can connect themselves to the global village via Internet, also introduced multimedia messaging services and worldwide SMS at flat rates. Not only SMS but also provides Ufone Info service through which user can get latest information about news, sports, religion, horoscope, stock exchange etc even live sports updates. The tariff packages have been designed keeping in mind the requirements of every segment of the society may that be a housewife, a taxi driver, a trader or a student. Ufone started its operation from Islamabad on 29th January 2001. Cellular industry performance in Pakistan before the launch of Ufone was quite dismal, with one of the lowest population penetration rates in the Whole region. Ufone’s strategy from the day one was to change this scenario and ensure that mobile phones are turned into an everyday business and personal communication tools for all. This approach brought about a revolution in the market; increasing its size five fold in a mere two years.Ufone’s own performance in these two years has been exemplary, as it surpassed all financial and marketing goals. Despite Ufone’s strategy to provide a high standard of service rather than increasing subscriber base without capacity, it has achieved a substantial market share in a market ten years older than itself.


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