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Sunday, February 21, 2010

SWOT ANALYSIS OF NESTLE from Advertising Perspective

• Educated and Skilled Marketing Staff
• Large number of new market offerings.
• Pre purchase virtual display at thousands of shops, stores within Pakistan, which are also easily accessible for consumers
• Arrangement of events
• Physical evidence Strong Brand image

• There is weak marketing of Milkpak as there is no advertisement of Milkpak on official website.
• Lack of awareness among the target market.
• It is a main weakness of milkpak that there are different companies of milk but the name of nestle milkpak is always stand in the last because of low advertising and marketing.
• Increasing interest of people
• Few and weak competitors
• Can Reposition itself buy one more Advertising Campaign
• Currently none of competitors is spending money of advertisings, so I may be beneficial for Nestle to Advertise
• Growth of processed milk is increasing with 20% annually so Nestle Milkpak has the opportunity to capture a large share of market.

• Major player may enter target market
• Legal and ethical issues.
• Market segment growth could attract new entrants.
• Two main competitors Haleeb and Olpers are main threat for Milkpak especially the Olpers is growing very fast.
• There is no entry barrier for new entrants as the Olpers has come in the market.


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